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Cruwys Morchard

Cruwys Morchard is a parish in Mid Devon comprising the three hamlets of Pennymoor, Way Village and Nomansland. It covers an area of more than 5,500 acres, much of it farmland, and is one of the largest parishes in the county.

At the heart of the parish, five miles west of Tiverton, stands the 16th century Church of the Holy Cross, next to the manor, Cruwys Morchard House, which has been home to the Cruwys family for hundreds of years.

The Parish Hall, used for regular community events and private functions, had reached the end of its useful life and needed to be replaced. Parishioners worked hard to raise the necessary funds to demolish the existing hall, which dates from the 1920s, and build a new one which thanks to last minute donations and an excellent price from Leach Brothers Builders, the new hall was opened in November 2013 even though two applications to the Lottery fund were unsuccessful.  A big thank you to all who helped over the fourteen years.  The hall is used by our thriving Young Farmers club as well as the Church, chapels and Flower Show.  The new hall also has weekly Yoga sssions, the old hall was too cold for such things.

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