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Cruwys Morchard Parish Hall Facilities

Main Hall


The hall includes a demountable stage area that is 45cm high with each section being 1 metre square.  There are a total of 15 sections that can be connected together in any chosen pattern by hidden twist locks. If not required the staging is easily demounted onto its own trolley in the storage cupboard.

Chairs and Tables

The hall is equiped with 144 banqueting chairs and 24 metal legged plastic tables. The tables are  180 x 76cm (72 x 30 inches). There is a separate trolley for storage of the tables and a chair trolley for moving round a stack of 10 chairs.


Some possible layouts of the chairs and tables are shown in the attached pdf documents. Click on the links.


Being a new building the hall is well insulated and when it is occupied it remains warm. However there are 4 ceiling heaters mounted in the sloped part of the ceiling should heating be necessary. The heating is powered by a separate coin slot meter which takes £1 coins (£1 lasts about 30 mins). We advise using the ceiling fans at low speed to circulate the warm air. 



Sound System

The hall is fitted with 4 high level wall mounted powered speakers wired to a panel in the corner of the room. To plug into this we have an "audio" system comprising a Numark CDN77 dual usb, mp3 and CD player with a Skytec STM-3007 mixer and a W Audio TPT 202 twin handheld microphone set.  "Techie bit" complete, it basically means you can play CDs, plug in your usb stick and also address the audience with a PA system.



Space for a Marquee

To make the hall larger for a big event, or just simply create another room, the area outside the four double doors is available for the independent hire of a marquee.



Meeting Room

The Meeting Room is available for hire on its own without the main hall.  It can comfortably sit 16 people around a large central conference table (3 hall tables together) or as many as 30 people in a "theatre" style arrangement.  There is a 42 inch LCD screen mounted on the wall for use as an external computer monitor.



The main equipment in the kitchen comprises:

  • two electric cookers

  • free-standing full height larder fridge

  • wall mounted Burco water heater for "boiling" water

  • professional "2 minute" dishwasher

There is currently no freezer capability.


In addition there is a large range of plates, bowls, cups, saucers, cutlery, jugs and serving plates, overall crockery and cutlery for about 100. However if this equipment is important for your event, hirers are advised to check the full details when making further enquiries or visits.


Again electric power for the kitchen equipment will require £1 coins in the separate kitchen slot meter.



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