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Pennymoor then and now


written by John Greenslade

John Greenslade was born and brought up in the parish of Cruwys Morchard and was the local blacksmith in Pennymoor with his forge situated beside The Cruwys Arms, Pennymoor. John was also a very good artist and drew many pictures of the parish.

John had a wealth of knowledge of the parish and put his memories to paper which were published in 2000. Many copies of the book were sold to local interested parishioners with the profits going to the parish hall funds.

Sadly, John died in January 2007 and without these memories in print, details of what went on in the parish over his life of 80 years would have been lost.

Below you will find a link to John’s book which we hope you will enjoy.

NB: If there are any objections to this book now being made available to everyone that is interested, please contact Cruwys Morchard Parish Council to discuss.

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