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Cruwys Morchard new parish hall fund (Registerd Charity number 264980)

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In Cruwys Morchard we had a Parish Hall that was built in 1928 and was in very poor condition, so bad that expert opinion says it couldn't be repaired but needed to be completely rebuilt!
The Parish Hall was constructed around 1928 as a Men's Club, using single skin blockwork, timber and asbestos.  The hall had become the focal point for parish events but was reaching the end of its practical life.  The condition of the building fabric was deteriorating and this, coupled with a lack of investment, had led to the facilities becoming outdated and falling below current regulatory standards.  Toilet provision, disabled access kitchen, thermal insulation, heating system and security all needed updating.  As a result, hall usage was becoming more restrictive and was declining due to the poor condition of the building.​ 
As is well known, planning consent was granted for the demolition of the old hall and the building of a new one. 

Click here to see the planning reference at the Mid Devon District website


The permission was dated 5th January 2012.  There wass a condition requiring development to start within three years of the date of the permission.  Funding for the building and furnishing of a new hall had been sought on two occasions from the National Lottery, but without success.  It was suggested by the Lottery assessors that our applications did not demonstrate fulfilment of the criteria which relate to the making of a sufficient change to community facilities.


There have been successful applications to other funding sources but in insufficient amounts to enable the work to proceed as originally planned.

Local fund-raising events continued to take place. 

The Committee had been considering various construction

methods and designs with a view to enabling the erection

of a building for parish use within current financial and

funding constraints.                    


Hall Update March 2013

Every household in the parish received a letter from

Guy Cruwys inviting all those living and working in the Parish

to pledge a donation to get the new hall built in 2013.

This letter was sent after communication with Fred Leach of Leach Brothers of Witheridge who had kindly offered to build the new hall at a very favourable rate. This offer was not open ended and the Committee felt that the monies needed could be achieved by contacting parishioners as the hall so desperately needed to be replaced.  The members of the committee were heartened by the generosity of those who pledged sums of money.  Following generous donations of almost £50k plus Giftaid, Fred Leach was given the go ahead. to begin the build.


Hall Update April 2013

At the Parish Hall Committee meeting on 8th April 2013, the go ahead was given to sign a contract with Leach Brothers for the erection of a new Parish Hall.

Sept 8th 2013

The hall was progressing nicely.  The roof was on, the windows were in, the internal walls were up and landscaping had begun.  The car park had been enlarged, thanks to the Cruwys family

generously donating a piece of land.


Nov 2nd 2013 - ALMOST FINISHED


opened on Sat 9th Nov


There is still time to pledge and there is still the need for more funds to be raised to purchase items for the kitchen and to purchase equipment for the stage etc. 

Pledges can still be sent to:

 Paul Steele, Chairman, The Old School House, Pennymoor, EX16 8LS

Cheques can be made payable to Cruwys Morchard Parish Hall.

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